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Disasters are often traumatic, and rebuilding your property can be challenging. Knowing the basic rules of restoration can help you handle the job safely and organized. Consider hiring companies dealing with roof restoration in Perth for assistance.

Assess the damage

See the structural damage of your property after a flood or an earthquake. Pay attention to the foundation, roofs, and walls as these have tendencies to collapse. When you see a possibility that it could fall down, look for an expert to check it. Never presume that every ground and stair is safe as it could subside the moment you walk into it. Hire qualified people for inspection to ensure your safety.

After making sure that everything is safe, switch off all gas, fuel, and electricity taps to avoid causing fire. Enter the building carefully and be sensitive to any noise as it could signal that the property is collapsing or the gas is leaking. When you smell gas, open the windows to release it from the building. Exit the property and look for a gas company to fix any leaks. Never touch any electrical equipment, especially if the ground is wet, unless you are sure it is turned off and an electrician verified its safety to avoid electrocution.

Start of cleanup

When cleaning a big mess after a disaster, make sure you have everything you need such as a basic tool kit, mops, brushes, and disinfectants. Wear safety gears such as gloves, protective clothing, and rubber boots. Maintain an ideal temperature to make the environment light with fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters. Bring durable waste bags to gather all the clutters.

Drain the mud and water inside the building. Clear away the mud with shovel and hose, but do not use a high-pressured hose. This would blow up dirtied substances into the air. Clean the mud inside and outside your walls in stages to ease out the job. Call a restoration company like if you cannot handle the work any longer.

Disinfect surfaces and other materials

Use hot soapy water and a strong detergent when cleaning surfaces to remove stains easier. Dispose all flooded clothing, soft furniture, and food into a secured waste sack. Clean all food preparation materials thoroughly to ensure that it is germ-free for usage. Wait for everything to dry, as wet surfaces can cause germs to multiply.


Letting your property dry naturally could take some time, but you can use dryers to speed up the process. Ensure that all moisture from the property dry out as there are cases where interior walls are still wet even if they look dry on the outside. Hire professionals when you are uncertain as wet interior walls can damage your wallpapers and exterior wall paintings.

Take note that you need more than an ideal temperature when drying your property. Good ventilation is necessary, as humidity and air circulation play important roles. Close external windows and doors when the weather is bad or keep it open otherwise. When you see damages on the roof, call experts for roof restoration in Perth.